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About the Mansion and your hosts

Once upon a time... There was some little Breton gals...

The Manoir des petites Bretonnes
The Manoir des petites Bretonnes

8 charming holiday rentals located on the Pink Granite Coast

4 homes with private garden and 4 duplex apartments are born from the union of a beautiful breton mansion and its happy owners. They bear these following sweet names :

Beautifully renovated and well appointed, these 8 charming gites are awaiting you on a 6,5 acres land made of gardens and meadows for your holidays. They are great for singles, couples, families or groups of friends all year round.

Map of Manoir des Petites Bretonnes, Brittany
Map of Manoir des Petites Bretonnes, Brittany, France
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A family venture

As a little girl, I was very lucky to spend all my holidays here, in the Côtes d’Armor district, the region from where I come from. It’s here that I used to reunite with my family, on the Pink Granite Coast area, known for its fabulous landscapes and the warm welcome of its people.

Then I became a tourist guide, and I enjoyed accompanying numerous groups during their stay. Later, I’ve held many positions in the high end hospitality business and I’ve learnt to consider all customer requests, and to provide the best service. Eventually, I became a Mum, and I dedicated all my time to my children.

Many years later, and when it became possible, I came back to Brittany with my husband Philippe, and our children Charles and Emma. But this time, it was a “one way journey”. We have started to operate a lovely little gite in the countryside which has been very much appreciated by our guests. We then decided to pursue the adventure in family and closer to the seaside.

So are born our little Breton gals !

Looking forward to meeting you very soon,

Valérie, you host at the Manoir des petites Bretonnesto dream is a serious thingThe pink granit coast for your stay in Brittany