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The wild, vibrant and family-friendly beaches on the pink granite coast

Trestrignel Beach in Perros-Guirec
Beach in Perros-Guirec !

Perros-Guirec with its 3 beaches

Trestrignel Beach

This beach is fringed with bright coloured beach huts and is ideal for families with young children (they can swim and gather shellfish in the rocks).

Trestraou Beach

This beach is the more vibrant ones thanks to the restaurants, casino and beach club.

Saint-Guirec Beach

A true « Pink Granite Coast postcard » facing the Château de Costaérès. A lovely sheltered beach adorned by a small chapel and a little shrine.

Saint-Guirec BeachSaint-Guirec Beach, Trégastel

Other beaches on the Pink Granite Coast

Château de Costaeres, Trégastel


Many beaches with turquoise coloured sea and white sand : The Renote Island Beach, “la Grève Blanche” (“the White Beach”), “La Grève Rose” (“the Pink Beach”).


Tresmeur Beach: a family-friendly beach ideal to indulge in an ice cream cone at the terrasse of a bar!


A quiet beach located in an unspoilt natural setting.


La plage des Dunes (“The Dunes beach”) where wild grass mingle with the white sand.