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The must-see places in North Brittany

Explore these iconic places near our holiday cottages and apartments

Discover or rediscover our coast’s symbolic spots, located a stone throw away from your accommodation.

Nearby, on the Pink Granite Coast


Its 3 fine sandy beaches (Trestrignel, Trestraou and Saint Guirec), the church and the chapels, its museum, its shrine and its several miles long coastal path peppered with sightseeing gems.

Beach on the pink granite coast


One of the most beautiful locations in Brittany (it was elected “France's Favourite Village” in 2015).
On the coastal path, you’ll discover the stunning scenery of the Pink Granite Coast. A landscape dotted with heath and fantastic shaped rocks, bounded with an ever changing color sea.

Lighthouse of Ploumanach Walk on the pink granite coast, Brittany
Seven-Islands in Brittany

The Sept-Iles archipelago

Board a motorised boat to admire the Pink Granite Coast from seaward. Discover France’s larger bird sanctuary, where seagulls, black-headed gulls, cormorants, puffins and gannets coexist peacefully.
The captain will get you as close as possible to the birds without disturbing them : grab your camera !

Renote island, Trégastel


Its stunning beaches are specially suited for the followers of idleness. Hikers and strollers will be delighted by the pathway which surrounds the Renote Island. Facing the sea, the Forum de Trégastel will propose you a relaxing break in a sea water pool heated to 86 degrees F. Why not stopping at the aquarium to discover the local marine wildlife ?

L’Ile Grande

An invigorating and wild island, of which you will be able to walk around in less than 2 hours, along a quite steep footpath. L’Ile Grande is the kingdom of the fishermen during the highest tides, but it is also home to the Ligue pour la Protection des Oiseaux, a french organization dedicated to protect seabirds.


The beach of Tresmeur stretches on 1 km and is specially suited for families. Hikers can discover the Bihit cape or get to the Milliau island at low tide (there, you’ll have to jump, climb, trudge and get your feet wet !)

The Côte des Ajoncs (The ‘Gorse Coast’)

A wilder coast, where you’ll discover the charming harbours of Port-Blanc and Buguéles, both located in the village of Penvenan.
“The little cottage between the rocks” and the “Gouffre de Plougrescant” (“Plougrescant Ravine”), often wind beaten, are an absolute must-see.

Heading toward the Goëlo coast

Brehat island


Its port has become a pleasant marina bounded by vibrant restaurants, houses of shipowners with their beautifully carved facades, and its unspoilt charming narrow streets.
The Beauport Abbey and its outstanding estate are just located a stone throw away ! !

The Island of Bréhat

After 10 minutes crossing by boat, you’ll disembark on this stunning island nicknamed “Brittany’s Pearl’”. You’ll enjoy wonderful walks or bicycle rides. Its landscapes changing constantly depending on the weather and the tide are a natural beauty!

Why not doing an excursion in the bay of Morlaix, in Saint-Malo, Dinard, Dinan or in Mont St Michel ?