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Welcome in the “GR34”, this coastal path will leave you imperishable memories!

GR stands for “Grande Randonnée”, meaning “long hike” and 34 is the number which has been attributed to this 1600 km long hike which covers the whole round of Brittany via its coastal paths. This coastal path is accessible to everyone, whatever your fitness level, and whatever the weather conditions.

Rocky points, wild coasts, marshes, dunes, beaches, coves, wild fauna and flora, historic heritage landmarks... A new postcard at every bend. Pack your backpack with your sunscreen, your sunglasses, your waterproof windbreaker jacket and lace up your hiking boots...

Many miles of unspoilt nature and hours of wonder are awaiting you !

Here is a small selection of itineraries to discover

Hike on the Pink Granite Coast
  • Les Landes de Ploumanac'h (“Ploumanac'h moors”) / 7,8 km/ 2h20
  • The Pink Granite Coast in Ploumanac'h / 5,5 km/ 1h30
  • The path around the Renote Island in Trégastel /3,4 km/ 1h
  • The path around Grande Island / 7,5km/ 2h
  • The path around Milliau Island in Trébeurden / 5 km/ 1h30
  • The Megaliths in Trébeurden and the marsh of Quellen / 7,8 km/ 2h20
  • The Léguer estuary, Porz-Mabo cliffs and the Pointe de Bihit 14 km/ 4h40
  • Locquémeau and the cliffs in Trédrez / 10,5 km/ 3h30
  • The loop Port Blanc-Le Royau / 7,6 km/ 2h15
  • Walking around the Roche Jaune (“The yellow Rock”) in Plouguiel / 11,5 km/ 3h30
  • The Pointe de Plougrescant / 13,5km/ 4h
  • Bréhat Island / 13,2 km/ 4h
  • Plouha Cliffs / 15,7 km / 5h20

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